Turners & Growers Wastewater Treatment Plant

Apple Wash water treatment to improve local freshwater environment

Apex Water completed the installation of a wastewater treatment plant for apple wash water for Turners & Growers in Whakatu, Hastings.  This plant takes wastewater that was discharged into a local freshwater stream and diverts it through a chemical neutralisation and balancing tank, then sends the flow to an industrial wastewater sewer. 

The work involved installing a 3.5m deep underground pump station next to an existing building and a 300mm diameter discharge line to a 300m3 storage tank.  Caustic and sodium bisulphite (SBS) dosing systems were installed for neutralising and dechlorinating the wastewater.  An 80m long 100mm diameter discharge pipe was installed to connect to the sewer.

Work was carried out over the summer, with unavoidable disruptive activities completed with a 3-week period where the site was mostly shut down.  Much of the installation was carried out while the site was operating, with careful coordination required to ensure the site was not impacted by the construction. 

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