A Cool New Challenge

08 October 2020

We have been awarded a design, build and operate contract by Cardrona Valley Wastewater for a new treatment plant near the Cardrona village. 

The plant will process wastewater flows from the village, the Cardrona Alpine Resort and a proposed new residential and commercial development in the area, with key technical challenges being variable influent flows and peak flows coinciding with lowest temperatures.  

"Queenstown Lakes District Council has entered into an agreement with the investors of Mount Cardrona Station to participate in the design and build of a significantly improved wastewater treatment plant and associated infrastructure for the Cardrona Valley". (Wanaka Sun). 

The overall project includes construction of a main building, including MCC room, laboratory, office and amenities, below-ground concrete sequencing batch reactor tanks and a treated wastewater tank, a sludge dewatering plant and land treatment area.  Site roading, fencing and landscaping is also within the scope.

Following three years of plant operations, the system will be transferred to the Queenstown Lakes District Council.  

Design reviews and HAZOP have now been completed and site earthworks are underway, with construction of concrete elements starting before Christmas.

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