Apex Awarded Drinking Water Plant Upgrade

28 January 2020
Apex are pleased to have been awarded a contract by the Clutha District Council to upgrade the water treatment plant at Waitahuna.

The upgrade will increase the hydraulic and treatment capacity of the plant, which draws from a surface water body and comes under heavy demand in summer months.

The various upgrades have been selected to provide cost-effective benefits and are scheduled for completion prior to Christmas so the plant capacity is maximised for the holiday period.

Upgrade works will include:

  • Optimisation of the raw water feed into the plant
  • The installation of new chemical dosing points to improve coagulation
  • The installation of a sludge removal system for the clarifier
  • And, an upgrade of the filter backwash system with inspection of the filtration media.

Additional automation of the treatment process for this remote treatment plant will also be completed.

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