Apex Selected for New Dairy Factory Wastewater Treatment Plant

26 June 2022

We were recently awarded the contract for the design and construction of the wastewater treatment plant for the new Olam Food Ingredients factory in Tokoroa. 

"The factory will be developed in stages, starting with a spray dryer with a capacity of one million litres of milk per day and capable of producing more than 45,000 tonnes of milk powder annually."  

Including raw wastewater flow balancing, primary treatment in a dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit, biological treatment in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) and sludge management, the plant is designed to ensure the irrigation of treated wastewater onto land is sustainable in the long term.  SBR technology was selected as the process can be tuned to treat the wastewater to a preferred level, minimising the subsequent requirement for supplemental nutrient fertilisation.

 This project builds on our considerable experience in the design and construction of biological wastewater treatment plants for the dairy industry and will be completed and commissioned in time for the start of the 2023 milk season.

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