Reliable Nutrient Removal from Dairy Wastewater

01 September 2019
Apex have been proud to deliver a new biological dairy wastewater treatment plant for Synlait Milk Limited in partnership with Babbage Consultants.
This system used a sequencing batch reactor to remove organic pollutants and nutrients, such as nitrogen, down to very low levels, so that the treated water could be discharged into the domestic sewer network.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was establishing the biology so that the plant was fully operational and working at peak performance ahead of any wastewater being produced by the site.

To do this, Apex provided freeze-dried nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria imported into NZ under special MPI licence, along with a source of food and nutrients to establish a biological colony in the reactor.

Despite the need for the system being identified late in the overall project programme, Apex was able to expedite delivery and construction to get the system fully commissioned and operational ahead of first milk arriving on site.

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