Promoting efficiency and restoring balance in waste treatment with bacteria

The use of seed bacteria is an established practice in wastewater treatment plants. When the naturally occurring microorganism population is unable to keep up with the waste supply, supplementary bacteria is added.

Adding targeted microorganisms and biostimulants during wastewater treatment supports the growth of a healthy microbial population that can keep up with the supply of the contaminants and restore system balance.

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Wastewater Applications:

  • Denitrification
  • Bioconverter for industrial & municipal lagoons
  • High-grease food
  • Dairy waste
  • Lift station maintenance
  • Anaerobic digestor
  • Municipal activated sludge

Bionetix PDF Brochures

BCP 655

Bionetix BCP655 (PDF)

BioBloc 22

Biobloc 22 (PDF)

BCP 25

BCP 25 (PDF)

BCP 12

BCP 12 (PDF)

BCP 50

BCP 50 (PDF)

BCP 56

BCP 56 (PDF)

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