SINAP MBR Flat Sheet Membranes

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Apex Water is pleased to exclusively offer SINAP flat sheet membranes throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands for applications where an extremely high level of treatment is required.

SINAP offers world-class performance and the ability to easily retrofit into existing brands of flat sheet MBRs. Change to SINAP now and instantly achieve better plant efficiency at a reduced cost.

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The Advantages of MBR

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a highly efficient wastewater treatment technology combining membrane separation and a conventional activated sludge process. The MBR unit removes the need for secondary sedimentation, greatly improving solid-liquid separation and producing effluent of very high quality.

These membranes are suitable for applications ranging from industrial wastewater treatment through to domestic sewage, with treatment being of a standard high enough for reuse. The 0.1-micron nominal pore size of the SINAP membranes is sufficiently fine to remove virtually all bacteria and protozoa from the wastewater.

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Options Available:

  • Supply of individual membrane sheets
  • Supply of complete membrane modules
  • Design and build of complete MBR plants

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